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P600 SERIES Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauge

Capsule type pressure gauges are applied to measure low and extremely low positive or negative pressure, in particular of gaseous fluid, and the use with liquid fluid is limited. the capsule is a modification of diaphragm element with two convoluted membranes, leakproof soldered around the circumference to form the capsule.

Low range may require several capslues which conbine to form a bellows-capsule. In general, the capsule is mounted vertically (in parallel with the dial) but for some special purpose instruments are different. The Ranges from 10" wc to 10psi are available in bottom or back connection.

Norminal size 2 1/2"(63mm) 3"(75mm) 4"(100mm)
Measuring range -10 H2O Vac. to 10 psi
Casing & bezel Steel, black corrosion resistant painted
Window Glass or engineering plastic (for 2 1/2 only.)
Dial Aluminum, white background, black graduations and lettering
Movement brass
Bourdon tube brass
Connection 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT/BSPT/BSP are standard
Pointer Aluminum, black painted .
Accuracy +/- 3.23% f.s.d.(2 1/2")
+/-1.5% f.s.d (for 3" &4")
Temperature range -20 up to 60
Operating range 60% of full scale reading for Fluctuating loads
100% of full scale reading (stalic loads and with over load protection design )