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P135 Series Contractor Gauge

The contractor gauge is designed for a wide variety of industrial application, but especially is suitable for heating and air condition systems.

The 300 series stainless steel housing provides good corrosion resistance against in the atmosphere. (The contractors gauges are also available with stainless steel internal and stem.

Norminal 2 1/8",2 1/2",2 3/4",3 1/2",4",4 1/2"
Measuring range 30" Hg Vac. to 6000 psi
Casing &bezel 300 series stainless steel
Window Glass or plastic, polycarbonate
Dial Aluminum, white graduations and lettering
Movement Brass, or 30 series stainless steel phosphor bronze
Bourdon tube Brass or phosphor bronze or 316L, B304# stainless steel
Connection 1/4" NPT/BSPT are standard, brass or 300 series stainless steel
Pointer Aluminum black painted, (zero adjustable)
Accuracy +/- 1.5% f.s.d.
Temperature range 20 up to 60
Operating 60% of full scale reading for fluctuating loads, 75% full scale reading for fluctuating loads