Ozone Gas Generators
Ozone Gas Generators Ozone Gas Generators

Ozone gas generator PZ SERIES
NOx gases in ozone gas have been reduced.
Since most part of usual ozone generators depend on air for raw material, the ozonizer has generated large amount of poisonous NOx as a by-product when ozonizing oxygen in the air.
It has extremely reduced generation of NOx gas (poisonous).
According to using concentrated oxygen gas as raw material for ozone gas by PSA mehod.

Easy handling because of all automatic operation
Transferred anywhere if power is supplied.
Supply facility for cooling water is not necessary because of air-cooled
Since it has the built-in high-purity oxygen generator (O2>90%), it has
reduced generation of NOx.
In addition, oxygen cylinder is not necessary and needless replacing
Since the oxygen concentraction meter can be installed on the oxygen
generator, the concentraction of the supplied oxygen can be always
monitored (option).
Ozone Gas Generator
Example of application
Groups Objects Purposes Concentration
Distribution industries Commercial freezer, refrigerator, showcase Meat refrigerator (meat mature), Cold insulation (disinfect) and storage period extension of fruits and vegetables 0.1 to 0.5
Meat processing Kitchen, packing place, locker Cleaning (disinfect and deodorization) of work environment, cooking instruments, and work clothes 0.04 to 0.4
Hospital Consultation room, waiting room, operating room Prevention of secondary infection in hospital (disinfect, deodorization) 0.1 to 0.5
Farm Hog raising farm, chicken farm Infectious disease prevention and bad odor removal (disinfect, deodorization) 0.1 to 0.4
House Living room, kitchen, locker, toilet, pet, human waste septic tank for home use Insecticide (cockroach, tick, fly, mosquito), Prevention of pet's infectious disease (deodorization) 0.02 to 0.5
Large-scale building Garbage room, public toilet (deodorization) (bad odor removal) 0.02 to 0.5
Standard specifications
Types PZ-1A PZ-1B PZ-1C PZ-2A PZ-3A
ozone gas (Note 1) 3.0g/H 5.0g/H 8.0g/H 10g/H 30g/H
Concentration of ozone consumption 12.5g/Nm 3 21g/Nm 3 33g/Nm 3 42g/Nm 3 63g/Nm 3
Flow rate 0.24Nm 3 /H 0.24Nm 3 /H 0.24Nm 3 /H 0.24Nm 3 /H 0.48Nm 3 /H
Discharge pressure Max. 0.05MPa
Power supply AC Single-phase 100V 50/60Hz (Note 3)
Consumption 0.5KW 0.6KW 0.7KW 0.95KW 1.7KW
Dimensions (Note 2)
(W x D x H)
450 520 950 450 520 950 450 520 950 450 520 1150 650 700 1460
Weight (kg) 70 70 75 105 160
Cooling method Air-cooling
Ambient temperature 10C to 35C