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Gas Blender GB SERIES
GB series is the gas blender using mass-flow controller and enables high-accurate gas blending since it is hardly affected by ambient temperature and pressure. It has been used for semi-conductor industry, biology and many other applications.

It provides stable gas flow at any temperature and pressure by mass-
flow controller.
It is easy to set the gas flow rate of each component.
The mixed gas can be obtained at specified pressure by pressure
control function.
It is possible to control the flow rate from external signals.
The input/output terminals are provided for a computer control or
recorder for flow control.
High-accuracy( 1%) .
The mass-flowmeter, mass-flow controller and other divice have
various kinds of model ,so that it applys to various modification.
Gas Blenders
Gas blending with mass-flow controller
GB series uses KOFLOC mass-flow controller MODEL3610 series. It is the high-performance mass-flow control valve consisting of a combination of a high-sensitivity sensor of coil-resistance bypass capillary type and a solenoid-type control valve with superior response. Each component of gas supplied is adjusted to a constant pressure by the regulator at the first stage. Since the GB series uses the mass-flow controller which is not affected by a pressure, it may not be affected by the setting pressure and the discharge pressure. Therefore, the operation pressure can be set and high-accurate flow control can be attained.
It is possible to easily set each of flows with the digital-switch type setter or the analog input signal from the external. The valve opening of the mass-flow controller can be automatically adjusted to obtain the flow for the setting value. The flow rate is indicated on the digital panel metar and the terminals for analog output signal are installed for measuring. Each of gas is introdeced into the low-contamination high-performance gas blender to completely be mixed.
Standard GB series are GB-2C for 2-lines mixture, GB-3C for 3-lines mixture, GB-4C for 4-lines mixture and furthermore enables 5 or more kinds of gas to be easily mixed by adding system to unit. In addition, since the mass-flow controller has not any difference among the models in conversion factor, it can be used for any type of gases and suit wide range of application.
Standard specifications
Control method Thermal mass-flow controller
Measurable gases Air, N2, O2, He, Ar, CO2, Other gases can be available (consult us)
Flow range For each gas: 10SCCM to 20SLM of full-scale flow of mass-flow controller
Used pressure 49 to 34kPa (regulator setting)
DesignPressure 784kPa
Accuracy 1% component gas at full-scale
Repeatability 0.5% at full-scale
Power supply AC100 V
Flow input/output signal DC 0 to 5 V
Materials of gas contact parts Standard SUS316, Viton, Teflon
Pipe connection Rc1/4
Operating temperature 15 to 35C(Guarantee)
Flow indicator 31/2digit(0 to 1999) 7-segment LED digital meter
Flow indication Standard 3-digit direct read
Flow setting Each component gas can be independently set with 4-digit digital switch
Shut-off valve Gas line shot for each component
Ball valve made from SUS316
Pressure valve KOFLOC MODEL6600 series
Inlet joint With 20 SUS316 filter for standard low pressure,( Can be without filter)
Outlet joint Without SUS316 filter
Power supply capacity Approx. 30W
Dimensions(mm) GB-2C: 300W 340H 390D
GB-3C: 400W 340H 390D
GB-4C: 500W 340H 390D