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GM series is the gas mixer consisting of KOFLOC's mechanical precision flow control value and flowmeter.The constant flow unit which enables precise flow control at extremely low flow rate is built in GM mixer.Mixture ratio setting is not interfered with each gas flow and is sure and easy, and if the pressure of the gas to be connected is changed, it can constantly supply stable mixed gases.
The gas mixer, which has superior stability and repeatability, has achieved many satisfactory results in various fields and is estimated highly.

Constant flow unit
GM series is the high-accurate, high-stable flow control system consisting of a combination of regulator, ball valve, area-type (float-type) flowmeter, discharge pressure controlled-type mass-flow controller. The supplied gas is adjusted to the operating pressure by a regulator (pressure control valve) at first. The float-type precise flowmeter, which has been calibrated to a set pressure, is installed in the pressurized line to confirm flow rate. The discharge pressure control-type flow controller enables a constant flow, and if the pressure drop of the discharged line may change. The gas mixer GM series is composed of the constant flow unit as the one line, and enables mixture of multiple components of gases by parallel-connecting with 2-lines, 3-lines, or 4-lines unit.
Gas Mixers
Superior performances and operation
Gas mixer with superior stability and repeatability
With the mass-flow controller in the constant flow unit, it can control constant flow rate if the pressure drop
changes at the discharge side.

Wide application
It has superior tightness since the flowmeter seal and the connection between the flow control parts and
coupler are sealed with O-rings. In addition, since stainless pipes and high-reliability couplers of all the
piping, allows wide application of gas mixer to various pressure conditions and dangerous gases.

High-performance mixer
Since it uses the high-performance mixer with no pocket to prevent laminarization flow, it is possible to obtain
well-mixed gases.

Constant flow
Since the needle orifice has been devised for the constant flow valve (flow controller 2203 type) incorporated
into the constant flow unit (Japan patent, U.S.A. patent), it has high control performance with 0.3% flow
fluctuation per degree.

Clean gas
Since the constant-flow control parts for the constant-flow unit are provided from major analyzer makers, it is
possible to obtain stable mixed gases with lower impurities.

Avaibable for constant-flow equipment
Since the manual valves are installed at each gas line, it is not only used for mixer but also used as the
constant-flow equipment to obtain single-component gas.

Usable for mixer of multiple gases (option)
Standard specification allows mixer for 4stream of gases.It is possible to mix multiple-gas mixer by extending
the mixer units.

Automatic control (option)
Each gas flow rate can be automatically controlled with a sequencer, by installing solenoid valves or pressure
switch at each gas or mixed gas.

It is possible to control at extremely low flow rate.
Since the precision flowmeter (MODEL RK1450 0.5 to 5.0ML/MIN) with superior stability and repeatability is
provided in mixer and use of the precise constant-flow valve surely and easily enables the flow to be optionally
set in 1 ML/MIN step.The low flow rate is anable to indicate and to set erery 1ML/MIN accarately and easily by
precision constano-flow valves.

Easy replacement
Main parts can be easily installed/removed for maintenance.
Standard specifications
Mixing method Flow ratio mixing method
Structure Self standing type
Flow range 10 ML/MIN to 30 L/MIN
Measurable gases Air, N2, O2, He, Ar, CO2, Other gases available (consult us)
Mixed gas Total flowr range:max 30L/MIN
The maximum flow late for each line is 20 L/MIN.
Accuracy 2%FS for each gas
Materials 1)Brass/ NBR
2)SUS316/ Viton
Temperature 5 to 40C
Pressure 78.4 to 588kPa
Design pressure 784kPa
Pipe connection Rc1/4
Dimensions (mm) GM-2B: 290W 440H 350D
GM-3B: 360W 440H 350D
GM-4B: 430W 440H 350D