• Help prevent dangerous reverse flow mixing of gas in the hose
  • Compact light weight design and add extra operator safety

886-CVTL             886-CVTR

Oxygen Fuel gas Inlet Thread Outlet Thread
886-CVTR 886-CVTL 9/16"X 18 UNF 9/16"X 18 UNF
883-FR 883-FL 9/16"X 18 UNF M16X1.5
883-AR 883-AL 9/16"X 18 UNF .622-18 UN
883-CTR 883-CTL M16X1.5 M16X1.5
88-3GBR1 88-3GBL1 9/16"X 18 UNF G. 3/8"
883-GBR2 883-GBL2 G. 3/8" G. 3/8"
883-AR1 883-AL1 .622-18 UN .622-18 UN

Harris Flash-Guard Check Valves

Check valves fully open with only ounces of pressure.
If reverse flow starts, the valve closes immediately for
total shutoff.
  • High Capacity- adequate for cutting 15 steel and
    for operating the largest heating torches
  • Quality Manufacture- valve spring
    made of stainless steel for long life
  • 100% Production Tested- individually tested and
    packaged immediately to assure cleanliness
  • 9/16 - 18 connections
  • Conforms to OSHA regulations
  • U.L. Listed

Torch Type
Model 88-6CVT (R&L)

Blister Pack Pair
(P/N 4300390)

Regulator Type
Model 88-6CVR (R&L)
Blister Pack Pair
(P/N 4300389)
Mounts on regulator outlet

Regulator Type
Model 88-7CVR (R&L)
Permanently mounts in the regulator replacing the
outlet nipple.
(sold separately only)