Model 801DB-F
Model 825D-F
Model 601D-F
Model 821DE-F
Model 811-F
Model 601-L
Model 2555
Model 355-2
Model 356
Model 4F
Model 55-2                

Application: ideal for light and medium duty multiple MIG / TIG welding

  • Rear entry
  • One regulator/cylinder for two gas supply sources with separate flow control
  • Measures flow from 0 to 30 LPM (0-15 LPM on demand)
  • Brass body, black bonnet and safety gauges conforming to EN 562
  • Complete with self re-seating, tamper proof internal safety relief valve
  • Two flowmeters (with knob at 180 to inlet) with soft seat needle valve for smooth and precise control
  • Polycarbonate outer flowmeter cover and internal tube for strength and 360 visibility
  • Flowmeter is a pressure compensated design calibrated at 3.5 bar / 50 psi inlet pressure