Model 801DB-F
Model 825D-F
Model 601D-F
Model 821DE-F
Model 811-F
Model 601-L
Model 2555
Model 355-2
Model 356
Model 4F
Model 55-2                

Application: flowmeter always measures actual flow. For all welding and laboratory

  • Conforms to EN ISO 13918
  • Maximum inlet pressure 230 bar
  • Accurate pressure compensated design flowmeter for precise flow
  • Flowmeter with easy to read tube and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate outer cover for strength and 360 visibility
  • High pressure capsule seat with PTFE (Teflon) sealing surface with internal sintered bronze filter to trap
  • Forged brass body for maximum strength
  • Tamper proof self reseating internal relief valve (IRV)
  • 63 mm. black painted gauges conforming to EN 562
  • For 300 bar inlet service refer to model 901DB-F